Welcome to Tech Club Online

My goal in Tech Club has always been to spread programming knowledge with anyone and everyone who is interested. Today I’m starting Tech Club Online to realize that vision. Tech Club Online will use online resource like video conferencing, file sharing, forums, and social media to learn all about the essentials of programming. Currently I am running an online class called Programming Essential, which targets kids in grades 2 to 8. We will meet twice a week for four weeks to cover fundamentals, including variables, logic flow, animation, looping, functions, and objects. By the end of the class, you will be amazed by the animated games your child will be developing.

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Requirements for online course!

Tech Club Online course are virtual class. Members will be attending class online and may be they are attending class from home or anywhere they have access of following. To attend class online you should have : 1- Computer or Laptop. 2- Broad bend internet. 3- Headphone and Microphone.