Welcome to Tech Club

Our world today is becoming more technology oriented by the minute, and nowadays, it’s not enough to just be able to use that technology. That’s why Tech Club is dedicated to teaching today’s kids/youth the basics of programming! If you’ve heard enough and want to join, please sign up and do registration. Registering for Tech Club means that you get access to all of the class’s resources: practice exercises, PowerPoints, videos and more. However, most importantly, registering means that you are invited to Tech Club’s meetings, where we work together as a class and learn to program!

To register next session or to become a member, please Register Here.

Tech Club Free Class: Every Thursday 5PM to 6PM At Medfield Library, 468 Main St, Medfield, MA-02052. It is hard to catch-up if you join in middle of the session, so you must register for new session, before attending.


Medfield Session

Tech club Medfield session running at “Medfield Library- 468 Main St. Medfield, MA-02052″.  This is one of the most famous program running at Medfield library. Kids from grade 2 to 9 general attend the programming session. Till now we completed 5 session. Recent session started at March 19th 2015.