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How I Make My Posters

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One of the things that I have to continually make and update for Tech Club are TC’s posters. These posters used to take hours to make, however I’ve cut away at the process. Most posters can now be made in under an hour. So I’m gonna show you how I go about making them. Also note that I use photoshop for making my posters, but the principles to making these are always the same. First let me show you some of my recent designs.

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Okay, so I made this one roughly a year ago. The purpose of it is probably apparent. This was my campaign poster for the Student Council Election last year, and I’m proud to say it worked. Some key things to note: color choice(obviously), flat design, and font. The color choice was especially important, because it made them notable. Many kids would tell me that they saw the posters everywhere, when in reality there were maybe 4 posters posted in the entire school.

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Okay so this one is for TC. Again the purpose is probably pretty apparent. (Thats the point of a good poster, isn’t it?) Anyways this one isn’t so much flat design. Instead it aims for a modern look yet with that familiar background in order to stay true to the TC design. I actually made this one yesterday, and it took me an hour and a half (the phrasing of words is always time consuming). I particularly like this one because of its format, and feel. This is one we’ll probably analyze to show you guys how I make my posters.

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Okay and this one, is probably the most familiar to TC students. This is the latest version of the poster that I use to advertise for TC. I made the original design for this over a year ago and it’s served me well since, so I’ve stuck with it. Things to note: singular color design(yet bright), techy feel, and most importantly the format in which the important information is presented. This poster is the most important poster I’ve made and thus, it has had to be the most eye catching, yet simple and recognizable design I’ve made to date.

Great, so you’ve seen my most notable designs! Now let’s talk about how I made the middle one, since thats my most recent. So while I’m waiting for the photoshop to load up, I begin to think to myself. In reality, I’ve probably been contemplating the poster’s design for days now, but I don’t have any definite ideas. The first ten minutes will be all about trial and error. I start the poster and try to envision what it will end up looking like. Sometimes I get it the first try like with this one, however, other times it takes a couple different ideas, as it did with the red poster. Okay so I’m thinking about the various designs and how my abilities could implement them, when Photoshop finishes loading. Now comes an easy step.

I have to decide what sort of medium I’m going to print to. Not all posters will be the same size and you should try to avoid printing on regular printer paper size if possible. It’s small and hard to pull off. If you can find a printer that prints ledger size, or 11in by 17in, then you’re in luck. These are the best sizes in my opinion. Not excessively big, but it will catch the viewer’s eyes and will triumph any competing posters on the board. If you’re unsure, then set the size to 27.5in by 37in. Why? Simple: this size is large enough that any downsampling is possible. Furthermore, the proportions are rectangular in a way that downsampling wouldn’t mess the formatting of the elements up too badly. Also you have to decide whether you want the poster to be portrait or landscape. So your options would be 27.5in by 37in or the opposite: 37in by 27.5in.

Okay so now you have this.

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A beautifully blank canvas. Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s mess it up a little. So you’re gonna need a background color. This is very important!! Like extremely important. The color of your background makes or breaks your poster. I recommend seeing my Flat UI Design Post for ideas on what your background should be. In my case, I knew I would need to stay true to the TC background, So I choose white, with the blue techy lines.

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Okay so we have the background. By know we should have a general intuition where we’re going with this. So now we build up. For this poster I wanted an modern detached feel, so I overlay an sheet with a little shadow. I decide that the color scheme will have to include another color add to the detached feel, and I result with this:

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Wanna hear something I’m proud of? Okay so as someone with an online presence, I’ve been trying to get this website more popular. So by putting my Website’s logo at the top of the poster, I felt like I was knocking out two birds with one stone. No? Maybe thats just me. Anyways! Let’s get back to the point. This is looking good. A nice empty space that is ready for information. This is where we stop and think. Unfortunately, not all this space is ours. In the case of this poster, I have to allocate space away for the “Contact Me” information. So in your poster, at this point, you’d go about creating and allocating those elements, so that when you get to the actual information that’s relevant part, you know how much space you have to work with. So here’s it after the space taken away:

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Great! Now we can finally get to the important part. This is the part where we choose the fonts! I have a variety of fonts that have become my goto fonts for anything TC related. They include Reckoner, Reckoner Bold, and Bebas. Look them up on Google. They’re absolutely golden. So the rest is all just personal choice. The more you do this, the more you let your creativity take over and just run itself as to the formatting. The longest part will be creating the information and phrasing it in a concise way that fits the poster. The following are points that should keep in mind.

  • Font Size is important! The larger the font, the more it will stand out to people. Even a subtle difference in font size is noticeable and creates emphasis. Use different sizes sparingly, as overuse will create a chaotic jumble.
    • And font sizes that are vastly different, when juxtaposed will create an effect where the viewer is more engaged because they will get closer to see what the important of the smaller font it. Look below on the poster to “Why become a volunteer?” to see an example of this.
  • Don’t use too many different types of fonts! Use fonts that work well together and blend seamlessly.
  • Bullet points are cool. I mean doesn’t this look good?
  • Most importantly. Creating an invert is extremely important. Like so important that is will draw the viewer’s eyes instantly. Use only once or twice for the most important part of the posters.
    Following all these points, I ended up with:

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Okay so we’ve reached the end of this tutorial. I hope that you all found this useful. Contact me if you have an inquires.

Until next time,
Binit Shah

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